1. 4.21.14.

    Looking forward, growing older,
    Occasionally looking over my shoulder.
    Never admitting it if asked.
    Entertaining thoughts of love that won’t last.
    Lying awake lost in your wake.
    Yesterday never seems far away.

  2. 4.19.14.

    Just started reading this gem. Recommended by my old journalism teacher, so I had to. I haven’t read a book in ages, besides the required ones for school. I need to get back into it (Y)


  3. "Two-wheeled vehicles that go 150 miles an hour don’t usually go with crippled, irresponsible drug addicts."
    — Dr. Wilson on House getting a motorcycle (Y)
  4. I bought these a few hours before I found out I was accepted to UF. Now it seems like they were meant to be a congratulations present. lol.

    Also, a dear friend had gotten me tulip bulbs which were supposed to grow into something similar to these. Unfortunately, they never did. But I’ve been enjoying these so much. Orange is my favorite color these days.

  5. Going to California - Led Zeppelin

    This is one of those songs I just love completely. I enjoy it every time I hear it.

  6. Went to see The Other Woman and have “dinner” with my favorite adopted brother


  7. "She doesn’t hate you. She loves you. She just… can’t stand to be around you."
    — Dr. James Wilson
  8. An Easter tablecloth my great grandmother made.

  9. Some of my great grandmother’s work.

  10. We also went through a ton of doilies and embroidery that my great grandmother did. I am making her a photo album and I’m going to write a little letter to tell her how amazing they were. Some of that stuff was just beautiful beyond belief. Hard to believe a person could create that kind of thing.

    Oma says she’d be glad to give me some of them if I start being neater. lol. It’s good motivation.

  11. Dat’s my Oma

  12. Went to Oma’s house today to go shopping with her and find some pots for the plants I gave her (a red anthurium and some orange ground orchids.) We were quite successful (:

  13. I did it! C: